Digital Transcription and Analysis of the Carleton Antiphonary
Brasseur, Kaitlyn Jeanette
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Master of Arts
Medieval History of Religion Literature - Medieval
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Canada Ottawa Europe
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This website and essay examines Ottawa, Carleton University Library, Archives and Research Collections Ms. 1 (hereby referred to as the Carleton Antiphonary) as a medieval artefact. Lack of resources devoted to cataloguing has left many North American manuscripts hidden and unstudied, and such was the fate of the Carleton Antiphonary. This project digitizes and analyses this unique compound manuscript to increase the accessibility of digital facsimiles. Furthermore, the codicological evidence proves this artefact is worth studying as a devotional object, as it demonstrates long-standing use over the last five hundred years. The goal of this project has been twofold. First, it has been to bring this medieval codex to light by making it accessible online. Secondly, the goal has been to share the process by which others may make medieval materials accessible using open-source tools and the coding purpose made for this project. To access the website: https://carleton-antiphonary.herokuapp.com
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Brasseur, Kaitlyn Jeanette. 2020. "Digital Transcription and Analysis of the Carleton Antiphonary", Department of History, Carleton University
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